We all learn differently and it is important that we understand the way we learn best. Gaps in learning through absence from school can cause developmental issues. Returning to study after years of absence can be very stressful. We at Life Giving Counselling and Tutoring will provide insight into your learning needs which will develop confidence leading to more satisfying results. We all have different learning styles and it is important for us to understand the style that helps us to learn best.

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Learning Styles

There are three main types of learning styles: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. Most people learn best through a combination of the three types of learning styles, but everybody is different; everybody has unique and personal learning needs.

Auditory Learners: Hear

Auditory learners would rather listen to things being explained than read about them. Reciting information out loud and having music in the background may be a common study method. Other noises may become a distraction resulting in a need for a relatively quiet place.

Visual Learners: See

Visual learners learn best by looking at graphics, watching a demonstration, or reading. For them, it’s easy to look at charts and graphs, but they may have difficulty focusing while listening to an explanation.

Kinesthetic Learners: Touch

Kinesthetic learners process information best through a “hands-on” experience. Actually doing an activity can be the easiest way for them to learn. Sitting still while studying may be difficult, but writing things down makes it easier to understand.

Positive Education

Clicking on What is Positive Education? will link you to the Geelong Grammar School Website. Based on positive psychology as developed by Martin Seligman Geelong Grammar has developed Positive Education. Appreciating the value of Positive Education we at Life Giving Counselling and Tutoring believe it has much to offer in helping our clients to flourish by achieving their full potential.

What is Positive Education?

"Positive Education is education for both traditional skills and for happiness." Martin Seligman, 2009

"Positive Education brings together the science of positive psychology with best practice teaching and learning to encourage and support schools and individuals within their communities to flourish." Geelong Grammar School, 2011


We specialize in Secondary Maths and Study Techniques. However, we have experience teaching most subjects.

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